The Resilient Parent

resilient_parent_cover_280wThe Resilient Parent: Everyday Wisdom For Life with Your Exceptional Child


By Mantu Joshi. Paperback, Kindle, Nook, e-book. 162 pages. ISBN 978-1-933084-25-1 (pbk). $11.95 (pbk). Publication date: January 15, 2014.

 Available through Amazon,, The Book Depository, and several other on-line retailers as well as Ingram, Follett, and Brodart for bookstores and libraries.


The Resilient Parent is a truly beautiful must-read. It offers a positive and uplifting perception on raising a child with special needs, while providing support, practical strategies, and assurance that you are not alone.  –Lisa M. Porter, Sensory Kids, LLC

The Resilient Parent combines honesty, humility, and grit with humor and spirituality to offer practical pearls of wisdom for parents of children with special needs. Mantu Joshi, a father of children with neurobehavioral special needs, shares personal and authentic experiences to illustrate ways his fellow parents can find the resilience that is within them – resilience that is absolutely crucial when parenting complicated, behaviorally-challenged children.

Drawing from spiritual practices that span the globe as well as from his training as a Methodist minister, Joshi offers slight shifts that create a new framework to view children’s behaviors. These short essays – most which can be read under 5 minutes – boost parents resiliency for a more balanced life.

Parents of children with neurobehavioral special needs such as Autism, ADHD, FASD, learning disabilities, attachment problems, trauma, mental health diagnoses, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and others will find hope, solace, and solid strategies in this book. The Resilient Parent brings the role of parents to a new level, acknowledging that without a well and empowered parent we can not have a well-functioning or self-actualized child.  How can we treat children with the hope of increasing function and ignore the parent? The answer: we can’t.  Joshi understands as only someone who walks the walk can.  A Must-Read for every parent with a child with special needs — maybe every parent.  Also a Must-Read for any caregiver who touches the life of a special child.  So fine… just such an important contribution!

–Dr. Lucy Jane Miller